GDPR and your mailing list. Do you need to take action?

  So how many emails have you received today asking you to re sign up to a mailing list (that you often had no idea you were on?) For many small businesses and bloggers there has been concern that they need to contact their mailing lists and ask people if they...

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Adding a blog or news post to your WordPress website

Adding a post to your new WordPress website can feel daunting the first time, but once you have done that initial one, it will feel as simple as sending an email Depending on the wet up of your site, your posts will show on the site under News / Blogs/ Events etc. ...

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WordPress and GDPR Update April & May 2018

*****Updated 23 May 2018***** WordPress has now released an update version 4.9.6 and has included various things to tackle the issues surrounding GDPR Comments Logged-out commenters will be given a choice on whether their name, email address, and website are saved in...

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Manually installing WordPress on your host and domain

Most hosts have a function to automatically install WordPress for you to start using it easily.  But if they don't, or it is a host that puts restrictions on your install, you can manually install WordPress. Before you start you need to set up a new database, this is...

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What should you look for in a host for your website?

When people Google website hosting, or click on an ad on Facebook they can be met by lots of options, and it can be very confusing as to what you need. The most important things to look at with website hosting are Support when things go wrong Easy to contact them...

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See how your website looks on different screen sizes

Designing responsive websites has 2 sides to it, it means clients can have a site that works on all size screens and devices and Google will like this.  But the downside is having to check and make changes for the all the different screen sizes. I mainly use the Divi...

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Integrating Google services into your WordPress site

Google is the most used search engine, and they also offer various services to get your site indexed and supported, therefor improving your search rankings. The main ones that are easy to set up are Google Search Console, Google Analytics and Google My Business ...

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How I use a Bullet Journal

I started using a Bullet Journal in October 2016, life was busy, work was busy and I spent a lot of time with many thoughts buzzing around my head of things I needed to do in the house, stuff happening at school, and then work.  The same as most people out there....

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Easy and Free Parental control app for your kids devices

If you are worried about how much time your kids spend on their devices, or have concerns they sneak them up to bed with them. OurPact – Parental Control and Screen Time Management app is the perfect solution. OurPact is currently available for iPads, iPhones and...

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