My current set up was Apple Watch and iPhone and using my watch and Nike Run Club app to record runs and the Apple workout app for walks and other workouts.

But most my friends were on Strava and it looked much better and easier to use and look at stats since the last big Nike update that no one liked!

But the issue was how to move all my runs on my Nike App (and a few on Apple Health) to Strava.

I started googling and initially there seemed lots of free options.  Strava on their site advise to try this, but most of the links are no longer working.

I started googling more and tried a couple of apps that no longer worked either.

The I found RunGap.  You can download it at the iTunes app store here

It is free to download and use for a manual export and import.

You open it, add your Nike and Strava accounts (and Apple Health if you wish) – click 3 bars on left, Accounts & Settings then tap the account you want to connect.  It does lots of others as well as Nike and Strava, including Garmin, Endomondo, RunKeeper, Runtastic, Polar, Suunto, Adidas, Magellan plus many more.

Then you can sync your data to the app. 

Then you can export your data to Strava – or whichever app you want.

There are 2 choices for doing this.  The free manual export.  You export your data to Dropbox, download to your laptop, then manually import via Strava in a web browser.  My issue was I had 300+ events to import and when you add them to drop box they are individually.

Or you can do it automatically via the apps ‘Swag Bag’ in app purchase which has a cost of £2.99.  This is for a 3 month subscription so you can also auto export data if you wish to carry on using the Nike app and have it auto import to strava.

I decided it was well worth £2.99 to get it all imported to strava automatically.

If you purchase the Swag bag then once all your events are in the app, click share & export and choose strava and it will give you a couple of warnings of duplicating data and then within a few minutes all your events and data will be in Strava.

It included for me all my maps and data for runs really easily.

If you do buy the in app purchase and don’t want it to continue syncing all your data then remove yours accounts form the app (click on them and logout / turn off) and then you can delete the app.

The in app purchase isn’t a subscription so won’t auto renew.

Just as word of warning if you are using the Apple Health App – if you have Strava installed on your phone before you do all the above and have it turned on to write data to Apple Health it will then duplicate the workouts imported to Strava.  You can manually delete them, but just be aware.


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