WordPress is launching the new Gutenberg editor in the update of WordPress 5.0 later in 2018, you will already see in your WordPress Dashboard a notice asking you if you’d like to test the new editor, using the plugin.  

The editor changes the look of the page that you write your posts and pages in your WordPress site.

To test it go ahead and click install and then activate in the notice, or if you’ve dismissed the notice go to plugins and add new and search for Gutenberg.

Once installed and activated, go to add a new post and you will see the new editor.  

DIVI THEME USERS ONLY – you will see a screen as below, giving you the choice of using the Gutenberg editor of the DIVI builder – you can chose either.

DIVI theme users will see this option

The new main editor looks quite different from the old one, and works on blocks instead of one continuous blank page as before.  So each item (text / image / gallery / header etc) you want to add to a new blog post you add a new block to do it.

On the right you will see under the document tab the usual items or date of post, categories, featured image etc that were there before but with a few additions like excerpt & discussion.

An additional tab on the right is block and when you start typing or adding into a block then settings for that block appear there.  For example in a text block you will get text size and color options.

To get started writing a post

  1. Fill in your post title at the top
  2. Depending on how you want to start your post you chose that block.  If it is with text then you can just start typing by the cursor
  3. To start with an image you can chose from an image (which you can just drop from your computer into the block) or a cover image.  A cover image allows you to type over the image you add.
  4. To choose a different block click on the + sign.  There are now many more options than before, tables, (finally an easy way to add them!) lists, gallery, videos and many more.  They are in sections so go and have a click and see.  You can see all the block options here 

Once you have added your first block, you can carry on adding different types under them.

  1. Click the + top left and choose a block, or if you hover under your current block you will see a + too, as well as the option for add image
  2. On the left of each black once added there are 3 horizontal dots that give the block menu options.  You can duplicate, move, add and delete (remove) a block.  This is where you can also switch to HTML view

Once you have finished your post, then you can add the normal things like choose category, featured image, tags etc all on the right under the Document tab.  The blue publish button is that the top. 

In Conclusion

This is my first post using the new editor, and it hasn’t taken long to work it all out, and there are still many more blocks for me to try out.

It makes tasks that used to be a faff much quicker and moving things about so much easier.

For those that don’t want to use it, once WordPress 5.0 arrives you will still be able to download the old editor as a plugin here and use that instead.

But I would advise you to go to your site and install the Gutenberg editor now and just have a play around with it and get used to it.

It will take some getting used to, and some things are in different places, but it is well worth the slight inconvenience for the ease of use overall.

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