On your Instagram profile you are limited to one link.  This is especially frustrating if you haven’t hit the magical 10,000 followers and got the swipe up function.  As you can’t add links to posts descriptions either.

People have used the Linktree option, a site that allows you to build a page with multiple links and personalise it a bit with a photo.

But Instagram has on occasion marked the linktree links as spam, and it also means that people are not clicking directly onto your website, it isn’t branded and you are losing stats info from that.

I have recently created the same ideas as a linktree for 2 clients, but the pages are actually built on their own website and branded to match their own sites.  You can then add links for anything you want to, and have them styled in any way.  They are easy to update the links and buttons within your WordPress website too.  So you can add your latest blog or offer and change then as many times as you like.  All without making any changes on Instagram.

The link can be called anything you want too, so your-url.com/links or your-url.com/instagram-links etc.

DO you want me to design one for you?

If you would like to add one yourself to your WordPress site there are a few things to consider when doing so.

Page Name

Name the new page what you would like to appear in the instgram link.  For example if it is geekfairy.co.uk/links, then call the page ‘Links’.  But make sure you don’t already have a page named that, or it will default to geekfairy.co.uk/links-2, which doesn’t look great.


You don’t want your site wide menu appearing on this page, so when you are on thr edit page, on the right under Page Attributes, then templates you need to select ‘Blank Template’

Pop ups and Cookie Notice 

If you have these on your site then you will want to disable them on this page.

Design for mobile

This page will be viewed predominantley on mobiles via the Instagram app, so you want it to look great on mobiles. But it can also be clicked through a web browser on a desktop, so make sure it looks good there too.

Then simply design it on brand

Follow the branding of your website, the background, logo, button style etc.  You can have anything you want on it, but it is best if it fits into a mobile window without scrolling.  The point is to make it as easy as possible for potential clients and readers to click where you want them to.  Simple and clear is best.

When you have finished and published the page then simply add it to your profile link on Instagram.

DO you want me to design one for you?

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