You need to set up a Google Analytics account before you start


1. Go to and sign into your Google account, the page below will load.

2. ClickStart measuring


2. Add Account Name – Click Next

3. Choose Web

4. Add website Name & URL (choosing if you are http:// or https://)

5. Click Create

6. Read and then tick both info boxes

7. Click I Accept

8. Tick any communication boxes you want & save

Go to your WordPress website Dashboard


1. Go to pluginsĀ and add plugin and search for Site Kit (2 words)

2. Click Install Now next to the Google Site Kit

3. Once it has installed click Activate

The Screen will reload and the Site Kit info box will be at the top of the page (if it isn’t look on the left hand menu and click Site Kit)

1. Click Start Setup

2. Sign into your google account (that you have just set Google Analytics up on)

3. Click Allow

4. Verify ownership – Click Proceed
5. Allow Google Analytics to access your data – Click Allow
6. Set up Search Console – Click Add Site
7. Click Go to my Dashboard

You will then see the Site Kit page in your WordPress Dashboard load. There won’t be any data on it yet, as it will take 24-48 hours for them to start showing.

If you want to add other Google services to your site like AdSense and Search Console you can click these at the top.

Once the data starts filling, you can go to Site Site in the left hand menu and Search Console and it will show you the latest data for your site.

You can also log into Google Analytics directly and see more data there.

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