Adding a post to your new WordPress website can feel daunting the first time, but once you have done that initial one, it will feel as simple as sending an email

Depending on the wet up of your site, your posts will show on the site under News / Blogs/ Events etc.  But all are posts (and not pages)

To access the dashboard of your WordPress site first of all


  • In order to get into the dashboard area of your site you will need the following from who ever set up your WordPress install
  • The URL of your login e.g.
  • Your username and password

Once you go to the login URL you will see a box like this one, put in the correct details and the you will go to the dashboard area of your site.


  • Once you can see the dashboard, look for the Posts button on the left hand menu and hover on it and then click on Add New


  • Hover on the + in the top black bar and chose Post
  • You will open a New Post Page, here you will compose the new post

See the image below for where you complete the next items

  1. Add post title
  2. Add post content
  3. Use the buttons to format the text e.g. bold / italic /align
  4. To add an image click the add media button and upload it from your machine
  5. Choose a category (or add a new one)
  6. Add a featured image
  7. Add an excerpt
  8. Fill in yoast settings (if you use them) see below for more information
  9. Click Publish once you are happy to have it published

You can then edit the post at any time but you have to click Update (was the publish button) to make the changes live

Depending on your site set up, these can be used to filter posts to their correct pages, or you may just have all your posts appearing on the same page.

This is the image that will be displayed next to / above your blog post on your blog /news etc page.

If you don’t want the first words of your post appearing for the excerpt on your blog / news page, you can add in the new text you do want to appear here

Yoast Settings
These define how your post will appear on google and social media. You can edit the snippet, then click on the social (3 dots and lines) tab and add a photo for Facebook sharing




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