Editing a page or post in Divi

I use the Divi WordPress theme designed by Elegant Themes on a lot of sites I design for clients.  It is a a page builder theme – I usually explain it to clients as saying it is a bit like LEGO, you add blocks on top of each other to create the function and layout of a page that you need.

But it does mean the page end of pages (and potentially) posts have a different look from the normal WordPress editor.

Here is a simple guide to editing pages that are built with the Divi Builder.

Logging onto your site

Go to http://yourdomaincom/wp-admin (changing the ‘yourdomain’ to your actual domain)

Input the Username and Password you have been given.

You will then be logged into the dashboard.

To edit pages

On the left click on pages – all pages

Choose the page you want to edit and click ‘edit’

(Or if you are viewing the page normally click edit on the black bar at the top)

Once you are in the edit page go down to the Divi Builder (in the purple box)

Editing pages and posts with Divi theme WordPress

Using the image above and the arrows and numbers – you can do the following.  For more details of how to edit a module see the next image.

  1. Click on the 3 horizontal lines to open and edit a section.  The modules will correspond to how the page looks.  E.g. Text /Image/Slider/Gallery.
  2. The 2 overlapping boxes –  this duplicates the module type and contents.
  3. The X deletes the section
  4. The backwards arrow undoes the last action
  5. Updates your live website with any changes you have made

Editing a text module

screenshot-geekfairy.co.uk 2016-04-22 14-15-26

  1. Once you click to edit a text section you will open a familiar WordPress editing box.
  2. Edit as you would any other WordPress page, using the tool bar at the top for Add Media, text size and look etc.
  3. When you have made any edits you can see what they look like by clicking te eye icon in the middle bottom
  4. When you are happy then click Save & Exit
  5. The click the blue Update button (number 5 option on image at the top)

Inserting a new module

screenshot-geekfairy.co.uk 2016-04-22 14-16-12

  1. On the main page Builder page (See top image) click on Insert Modules and you will get the option screen above.
  2. Choose the module you want depending on the function you want e.g. Text /Image/ Call to Action
  3. Then once in place, click on the 3 horizontal lines to edit that module.
  4. When you are happy then click Save & Exit
  5. The click the blue Update button (number 5 option on image at the top)

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