How I use a Bullet Journal

I started using a Bullet Journal in October 2016, life was busy, work was busy and I spent a lot of time with many thoughts buzzing around my head of things I needed to do in the house, stuff happening at school, and then work.  The same as most people out there....

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Easy and Free Parental control app for your kids devices

If you are worried about how much time your kids spend on their devices, or have concerns they sneak them up to bed with them. OurPact – Parental Control and Screen Time Management app is the perfect solution. OurPact is currently available for iPads, iPhones and...

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Changing your Instagram into a Business Account

What are the benefits of doing this and how will it change your Instagram account? Having an Instagram Business account allows your viewers to contact you directly with a click. It ads a contact button on your profile and when clicked it shows an email /call / find...

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Tips for playing Pokémon GO with your Kids

I first read about Pokémon GO on twitter a few weeks ago before it was released in the UK. On the day it was released here I added the app to my iPhone and went outside to just test it (along with all the other parents who were just 'testing it for their kids') Just...

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Limit the amount of comments on a WordPress post

Some times you forget the core Wordpress settings are there, we get so used to coding or adding plugins and doing all the fancy things. A client wanted to limit the amount of comments showing on a post (it has 500+) causing the page to load slower and also the parts...

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Backing up your WordPress site with UpdraftPlus

After the news that 123 reg had accidentally deleted some/lots/many (they haven't said how many) of their customers websites, it is a stark reminder that just letting your host do back ups is not the way to go. You should also do a back up of your site that you keep...

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Adding a blog to your Favourites on the Apple News App

What started me onto seeing if this would work is my sons schools news section is only accessed by going onto the site and seeing the latest updates.  I never think to do it, but I know it is a Wordpress website, so therefore the news section will have a RSS feed. If...

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Why you need a cookie consent notice on your website

I like cookies, mainly ones that dunk well in coffee. But a cookie annoyance I have is the cookie consent pop ups.  The thing is, they don't mean anything anymore (I should again add a big IMO.)  All the happens is they get in the way, people click whatever will make...

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Claiming your WordPress site with Google and adding a site map

To make sure that Google is aware of your site there are a few steps to do It is easier to print this page out and have it next to you as you go through the stages Log into your Wordpress site and add the Yoast SEO plugin & activate it (leave the tab open) In a...

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What to do when your WordPress site gets hacked

What I am going to write here is what I did when one of the sites I work with got hacked. What you learn very fast when dealing with hacked websites is that there is no easy 1 solution fits all way of sorting things. But there are many things that you can do yourself...

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Do your WordPress updates

There are a few basic things that you need to do in order to maintain your WordPress website and keep it running efficiently and safety.

Once of the most important things is

Do your updates

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