Geek Fairy ICE

If you have an accident and are alone the emergency services will often look at your phone to see if there is an ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact number.  There are ways to add this to your phone so that it doesn’t need to be unlocked.

Adding ICE to an iPhone

Go to the Health App

Click on Medical ID at the bottom

Then Edit at the top

Add in contact details and any other medical information.

You can check it is working, go to your lock screen and before you unlock your phone slide the screen to the right.

Click on Emergency bottom left

And to see the details you have put in, click on Medical ID bottom left

Adding ICE to an Android Phone

There are 2 ways to do this depending on which Android operating system you have.

Either in Settings go to User

Click on Emergency Information and fill in your information

If you don’t have the Emergency details option see below.


Go to Settings – Lock Screen

And then edit the Lock Screen Message

This will then show on your home screen

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