One of the main reasons I bought an iPad was to replace a broken portable DVD player to watch on long journeys in the car or plane etc.

I was going to buy a DVD player but decided that instead of buying a unit that just played DVDs, an iPad did so much more.  So one of the first things I worked out how to do was adding video and DVD files to the iPad.

I bought this cover for it that is a car headrest holder and have ended up using it as my only cover as it is such good quality leather and has a hard magnetic (auto wake up function) cover on it.

I use 2 ways to watch video files on my iPad, add using iTunes and the AVPlayerHD App.

My geek friend Ruth over at Geek Mummy recommends using HandBrake to convert DVDs for wathcing on an iPad.

Add files via iTunes

The file types that can be played on an iPad by adding to iTunes (not via any app or converting) are

  • MPEG-4 (.mp4) videos (are the preferred format.)
  • .m4v
  • .mp4
  • .mov
If you video file is in one of these formats then you can add it striaght to iTunes via the
  • File
  • Add file to Library
  • Select the file and open
  • It will then be on your iTunes account ready to sync between devices.
You might need to change your sync settings to add all video files/certain ones with the iPad attached to iTunes



The App allows you to add various video files to your Ipad without the need to convert them, so if you have for example AVi or DivX files on your PC you can add them stragiht to your iPad from your PC with no toher software needed.

You can either add the files to the App over Wifi by

  • Opening the App on your iPad
  • Clicking WIFI Transfer
  • HTTP/FTP and click Start
  • Open the given address on your PC/Laptop web browser
  • On the web add the file of the video
  • That is it added and you are able to watch with no Wifi or 3G once it is on

Add files with the iPad connected to the PC/Laptop

  • With iTunes open select device – iPad
  • Click on Apps
  • Scroll down to the bottom and you will see AVPlayerHD on the left
  • Add files from your PC/Laptop by dragging into or clicking Add

I have been able to add all the files I have tried so far with no problem and the quality has been great.

There are various other settings but these are the ones I have used, more info on their help page via the App.

Disclosure: The iTunes link(s) in this post are via my affiliate link.  There is no additional cost to you, but I make a few pennies from your purchase.

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