Sign into your control panel

If you haven’t already installed it, install the NextGen Gallery Plugin

Under the gallery tab on left, click on Add gallery/images

On initial set up you will need to add a gallery so click add new gallery at the top

Enter the name of the gallery e.g. frontdoors then click add gallery

To add images

Still on the add gallery/images tab choose upload images

Click select files & choose files from your computer (you can do multiple uploads) and click open

Tick the scale images to…. Box

And then choose the gallery you want them to go into & then upload images

To manage the images (e.g. rename them)

Click on manage gallery on the left tab & then on the gallery you want to edit photos in

To change the names type in the text into the top box next to the image

Click on save changes

To add a gallery into a page/post

In the main body of a post or page click on the NextGEN icon

NextGEN tutorial wordpress basic

A box will pop up with various choices


Select the gallery/album/picture you want to insert and then how to show it and Insert and you will see the shortcode in your post.



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