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I will start I would point out this is the way I use Picasa, but there are many different ways to use it!

Before I start writing up a blog I decide what photos I am going to use & copy them in a new folder (on my desktop) on my computer and give that folder a name e.g. garden blog pre edit

  1. Open Picasa
  2. On the left locate the folder you have just copied your blog posts into
  3. If you want to edit the images e.g. crop to a square, fiddle with the colour, add text the options will appear when you double click the first image.
  4. On the crop option you can choose a fixed size or manual, with either you can drag the size of it about on the image then click select. (don’t worry about the image size at the moment)
  5. Once you’ve finished editing the image click on export at the bottom of the screen
  6. A new window will come up and here you can do size and watermark
  7. Make sure the location is the folder we created above (so you can find the images)
  8. Choose your image size – this is up to you but for blog posts around the 300-400 mark sits well depending on your theme
  9. Watermark – you can add small text to the bottom of each photo, usual to add copyright or domain (especially useful if people pin your site) add your domain or copyright e.g. © (you get that alt+ctrl+c) geekfairy.co.uk don’t forget to tick the add watermark
  10. Click export
  11. Now if you go back to do the next photo the watermark and size settings will be the same, meaning that all your images will be the same size.
  12. You can also edit multiple photos at the same time if you highlight them.

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