top ten WordPress plugins 2015

In no particular order – the plugins I am using on sites at the moment

The first 8 are all free

Instagram Feed

This give you a lovely instagram feed in your sidebar or on any page as it displays using shortcodes. So you can create a feed and style it then drop the code into a sidebar widget, post or page.

WP Smush

This plugin removes unneeded info in an image file without reducing the quality of the image.  Smaller files means faster loading. Always a good thing.

Multi Plugin Installer

When starting a new WordPress site and if you have lots of plugins to add at once, if you install this first then you can upload all your zip file plugins from your computer in one go.

Export Featured Images

If exporting and importing a WordPress install and you can’t use the all content options this allows you after the import to export all the featured images on the new site.  You install the plugin on the old site then export the file, and use the Import function to get them all on the new site.

Anti-Malware and Brute-Force Security by ELI

I mention this plugin on my what to do if your WordPress site gets hacked post, it scans your WordPress install for malware.

Google Analyticator

This plugin makes adding your google analytics account to your WordPress site really quick and easy.  It also has the bonus of having a Google Analytics widget on your WordPress dashboard so you can see the stats there.

Velvet Blues Update URLs

I have been using the plugin for years – if you install your new WordPress site on a temporary domain and the need to change it to the actual domain this updates all the URL’s on the site for you in a few clicks.

Use Any Font

This does exactly what it says – you can upload any font to your WordPress site and then choose to allocate it to different text/places on the site. So maybe just to the header fonts, or all the main text.

These next 2 are paid plugins

Bloom eMail Opt-In Plugin

This makes adding the most popular email marketing systems to your site so easy.  It gives you lots of options for subscribe boxes, from a widget sign up to a fly in box.  Lots of choices and easy to design and add logos.

Monarch Social Sharing Plugin

An easy to use plugin that has options for sharing buttons for posts and pages, having them in the post, or at the side of pages.  It also has the function of displaying your social followers in widgets.


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