Backing up blogs is something we all know we should do, but for many it is something that never makes it to the top of the list.

Here is a step by step guide to how to save a file that will contain all your blogger posts, including images.  With that file you will be able to either restore your site if it all got deleted.  And also if you move to a different self hosted platform, like it would allow you to import all your posts and images.

You can also save a file with all the details of your theme, so again you are able to restore that to a new blogger blog if you needed to.

Downloading Blog Content

1. Log into your blog

2. Under the My blogs on the left hand side click on Settings and then Other as below

3. Once you’ve clicked on Other you will see the right hand screen change and you will have the options of Blog Tools

4. Next click on Export Blog

5. You will get a pop up box, click on Download Blog

6. A file will then download to your computer.  Save that file in an appropriate folder.

Please remember though that this is only a copy up until the time you download it.  So depending on how often you post, do regular back ups.

Downloading Blog Template

1. Click on Template under My blogs as below

2. On the template page at the top right click on the Backup/Restore button

3. On the pop up box click on Download full template

4. Again a file will download, save it in an appropriate folder.

Both these files will allow you to restore your blog.




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