Geek Fairy My iOS app picks for August 2016

AfterShip App

AfterShip Package Tracker | Free

You know when you are waiting for a parcel and have to keep going to the email with the tracking code and copy and pasting it into the website tracker?  Well this free app means you do that once and that is it.

You register and then when you get a tracking number (all usual ones on it that I have tried yodel / DHL etc ) you add it to the app and it auto detects the carrier and then it will update you on the status of it.  If it is with the carrier, on its way, or due today.  And you can get notifications to your iPhone so you don’t have to keep checking.

Just Watch App

JustWatch: Streaming Search Engine for Movies & TV Series | Free

This app allows you to search for a film or tv show legally being shown on any streaming site on most providers (e.g. iPlayer, AppleTV, Amazon, Netflix and many more) It will show you where it is free, and if it is pay to view or buy will show you the cheapest place to watch it.

You can tell it what options you have at home so it knows what to show you.

Dots and Co app

Dots & Co | Free

I haven’t had a game on my iPhone for years, I got this when I was travelling for the day (not driving!) and become totally addicted.  It has the right mix or being hard, but playable.  I haven’t purchased any boosts and managed to get to level 103 now.  I was stuck on 98 for 3 weeks, but even then it was good to keep playing he same level as it is different each time.

You also don’t get many lives and then have to wait for an hour or more so you can’t waste that much time on it.

Bloom & Wild App

Bloom & Wild Flowers & Gifts – Free

I have seen ads for this all around but never used it, this month I have used it twice.  The app is great, the flowers are a reasonable price compared to other online florists and the feedback from both has been great.  There are always offers about too.

For a £10 off voucher use this link

One Pulse App

OnePulse | Free

This is a give your opinion and earn actual money app.  It took me a month to earn £5 with not that much input, you need to do some that you don’t get paid for as well as ones that earn (from 10p to 20p.)

They are questions from brands and organsations, current affairs and news issues, usually about 3 quick click questions long.  And your £5 is paid to paypal.

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