On one of my sites hosted by a different company than I usually use the client informed me that images were not uploading as they should.

Either through add media in a new post or via add media in the dashboard.

Images seemed to upload but then were not there (in firefox) or showed as a broken image (chrome)

I tracked it down to starting to happen after the last upgrade to WordPress 3.7.1

Any advice on the wordpress.org site said (as usual) deactivate all your plugins – and as anyone with a site with multiple plugins knows this is a PITA as many need settings put back in.

I kept searching and it seemed the far more likely cause was permissions on the media upload files.

To check these do the following

  • Connect to your site via ftp
  • Go to wp-content –  uploads – 2013  (this is assuming you have your settings as WordPress standard)
  • Right click your 11 folder
  • Make sure the properties are 755
  • If not change it to them
  • OK – refresh

That sorted me and all images the client had uploaded that weren’t working, now are there.

UPDATE Jan 2014

It seems that with the new folder for 2014 being made that was started as protperties 744 again.  So if you’ve had the issue from the start of 2014, do the above again on the 2014 folder – and the January folder in it


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