People are often asking me on the free social media icons for different sizes for their sites.

I decided to write up this easy tutorial of how you can resize any image or photo really quickly.

Picmonkey is a free resource, just go to the website. Sadly it won’t work on iOS devices though.

So to resize an image for your blog, to add images to a widget, to change a photo size before printing, follow these easy steps.

Open in a browsers window (browser being chrome, internet explorer, safari etc)

free image resizing



basic resize image photo picmonkey


basic resize image photo picmonkey2


basic resize image photo picmonkey3


basic resize image photo picmonkey4


basic resize image photo picmonkey5

Saving as a jpg or png depends what you want to use the image for. But if its for print or a phot then png is best. But if it is for a smaller image then jpg is fine.

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