There are a few basic things that you need to do in order to maintain your WordPress website and keep it running efficiently and safety.

Once of the most important things is

Do your updates

When you log into your site you will often see the WordPress updates notification on the top black bar.  The Arrow circle with a number.  And if there is a WordPress update you will also get a notification.

wordpress updates symbol

The number of notifications will be the total between WordPress / Plugins / Themes

If you click on the arrow circle it will tale you to the updates page.  Here you can see the different areas that have updates.

On occasions doing updates does mess the site up.  It can be from plugins that aren’t compatible with the new WordPress version or theme updates that don’t work with plugins.  So it is important to have a back up of your blog.

If you host via me, this is done daily.  If you host with someone else then check, or do back ups yourself.

Why update?

Apart from offering new functions back ups also update to stop security issues.  So it is vital that you do it regularly.  If there are updates when you log on, do them then.

How to update

Simple click on the buttons below each section to do the updates.  Whilst they are updating don’t try and do anything else on the site.

What if I have a problem after I have carried out an update?

The most common issue is plugin incompatibility.  If you notice issues after you have updated e.g. some things are not working as thy were, you might not be able to load images, or add a link, or the page might not look like it should.  Most of the time when there is a weird issue with a WordPress site that just starts happening it is plugin issues.

How to resolve a plugin issue

There are 2 ways to deal with this, and it is user choice on how to proceed.  I prefer option b)

a) If you want to 100% confirm the issue is a plugin one and you need to know fast, then de activate all your plugins in one go. BUT BEWARE for some plugins de-activating them means your settings are lost and you will have to log in / change things again.

This is why I prefer option b)

b) Look at the issue and try and connect it to a plugin. e.g. if it is a problem with being able to add a  link, see what plugins you have relating to add links. So it might be a no follow link plugin.  De activate it and see if the issue is resolved.  If it is, then leave de activated and wait for an update, or look for an alternative.  Depending on the issue and plugin you might want to contact the plugin developer.

Obviously depending on how many plugins you have it can be time consuming.

So will doing updates break my site?

Very rarely – it does happen, but it isn’t common, but when it happens to your site it is a worry.  But it is more important to update your site than not. Especially for the security side.




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