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Using the iPod

1.  To wake it up click the bottom round button and slide the arrow across

2.  To get to the home screen click the bottom round button

3.  To put to sleep top button


Setting up Wi-Fi

1.  Click on the settings icon

ipod touch setting icon, ipod tutorial, how does an ipod work

2.  click on Wi-Fi

3.  Under choose a network select the one you want

4.  Enter the password and click join

5.  You will get the symbol below at the top left of the screen when you are connected

basic ipod touch tutorial, instructions

6.  Once you have entered the above once, it will connect to the same Wi-Fi automatically each time

To send an iMessage

1.  Click on the iMessage icon

ipod touch teaching

2.  Enter the phone number (has to be an iPhone user) or email address (an iPad, iPod or iPhone user)

3.  Click in the space at the bottom and type in your message and then press send

4.  To send a photo, click the camera icon next to where you enter the message.





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