When you first add a new theme to your WordPress.org or WordPress.com site you will see that the menu usually has a list of the pages your site has.  Often these will be in the wrong order and not include any categories.

In order to have more control over your menu bar (or bars depending on your theme) it is advisable to use the wordpress menu option.

In your WordPress dashboard click on

  • Appearance – menus

You will see on the left under theme locations how many menu bars your theme supports

In the middle you will have the option to add a new menu.  To add your main top menu call it that ‘top’

Then on the left you can select what you want to appear in it, remember to click on view all to get a full choice.

Check the box for items you want to add then click the add to menu button

You will see your items added on the middle section, use can drag them into the order you want and also move them under another to create 2 tier menus.

If you want to remove one click on it and then choose delete.

You can add categories and pages onto the same menu bar.

When finished click on save menu on the right

Then to add the menu to your site, go to the top left and select your ‘top’ (or the name you have just given your new menu) and then the save button.

It is important to click on both the save and save menu buttons.

Repeat the above if you have more than one menu option in your theme, remembering to give different menus you create different names.

To find out how to make a top menu option not clickable please see here

Here is the set up for this Geek Fairy site



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