Adding a blog to apple news

What started me onto seeing if this would work is my sons schools news section is only accessed by going onto the site and seeing the latest updates.  I never think to do it, but I know it is a WordPress website, so therefore the news section will have a RSS feed.

If that above sentence means nothing to you – don’t worry.

The point of this is that if you read a lot of blogs then it can be hard to keep up, I am not a fan of subscribing by email as I keep email for work and then everything gets muddled and I never go back and read them.  So an app with them all there (and the latest school stuff) is a winner for me.

Now this may be reminiscent of RSS readers of old – yep very similar.

So you need an apple iOS device and the News App.

  1. To add sites to it, go to the site in safari e.g and then click on the share icon at the bottom

Adding blog to apple news1

2. Scroll along the bottom grey icon bar until you see the Add to News icon, and click and then click Add to News

Add your blog to Apple News

3. Open your Apple News App



4. Look on your Favourites page and after a few seconds delay the blog will pop up with a spinning wheel.  It can take a while to load, it is ok to go and do something else and then pop back to see it.


Adding your blog to Apple News2

The feed from all your favourites will then appear in the For You tab.

Things to note:

All blogger and WordPress (and other blogging platforms) have RSS feeds, but not all sites have them enabled.

For some blogger sites adding them in the above way won’t work, you need to open the RSS feed in safari.  Try the domain and the following


So for example the RSS feed for Does my bum look 40? is



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