To see how to create a basic menu in wordpress please see my earlier tutorial here

If you want to create a top level menu item that doesn’t go anywhere, and is not clickable but then shows the options below. Here are the steps to follow.

For an example of this on my menu on this website if you click on or hover on Services it is not clickable but it shows the drop down menu.

Go to your dashboard

Select Appearance – menu

If you have not set up your menus here please see here for how to do this

To create a non clickable parent menu item

In the box on the left called Custom Links

(If you don’t see a Custom Links box, click on Screen Options (top right), and check the appropriate box to enable the Custom Links)

adding a non click able top level menu wordpress

  • Next to the http://
  • Add a #
  • In the Label option add what you want to call the menu item e.g. Test
  • Click on Add to menu
  • And then click on Save menu on the right

If you want to add lower tier menus (when you hover on the top tier they appear) then add them below and drag them to the right.

Here is the set up for the Geek Fairy site menu

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