How I use a Bullet Journal

I started using a Bullet Journal in October 2016, life was busy, work was busy and I spent a lot of time with many thoughts buzzing around my head of things I needed to do in the house, stuff happening at school, and then work.  The same as most people out there. There is just so much going on.

We all have our phones and as much as I love technology, using a phone for organising my life wasn’t working.  Several friends were talking on social media about Bullet journals or #bujo and I googled and found the main site here.  The video on there give an explanation of the basics.

I then did what most people do, and freaked out trying to get my head around it.  Working out how I could do this and it not be another massive stress.

But the most important things about bullet journalling are that it is individual to you, I knew I couldn’t use a notebook and be trying to find things, so I used a filofax.  After a couple of weeks of drawing out week planners, I knew that not only it annoyed me it wasn’t perfect, I didn’t have the time.  So i started designing my own I could print.  Now every couple of months I sit and design and print out pages I need.  Cut them, punch them and use them.

At the bottom of this page is a list of things you can use to bullet journal, from the basic to the not strictly needed but oh so pretty.

The main thing is to start, anyway you want.  In an old notebook, draw out the sections you want and just start.  You will quickly know what you will use and what works.  I love that it is every changing.

For me the two best things about using a bullet journal are, that it stops things buzzing around my head, the no uniform day at school, needing to buy a birthday card, cleaning out the guinea pigs, wanting to read a book, it can all go down there, and I find once it is written down then I stop having to have a place in my head to think or worry about it.  Leaving room for actual important stuff.

Below are 2 videos, the first shows how I do the basics and my layouts, the second all the other pages I use, and the pages I set up for a friend.

On this page are links to download for free all the printouts I have designed for A5 filofax or other file system.



Bullet Journal Shopping List

If you want to just use a notebook, most popular is the LEUCHTTURM1917 Notebook

I use a Filofax A5 Domino Organiser

I punch holes with this Itenga Hole Punch for Diary Systems – for A5 / A6 / A7

I use this paper, it is heavy paper and nicer to write on with no bleed through Color Copy A4 Paper – 200gsm

I cut the A4 paper in half with this A4 Rotary Paper Trimmer

The star paperclips and bulldog clips are from Paperchase


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