Stressy Mummy

Case study

The client wanted to move their existing blogger blog to self hosted WordPress, without losing their page rank of 4.

The site was redesigned using a theme that allows for different style on different pages of blog posts. The client choose a traditional blog style for the home page of complete blog posts one after another, but on the recipes and reviews pages there is a different grid style.

A minimalist logo was designed and the colours reflected in the matching social media icons.

The old blogger site was redirected to the new site with all old links also redirecting to the new site, so any Google searches remain unaffected and page rank stayed at 4.

The overall design, logo, theme choice, layout and social media buttons are all designed by The Geek Fairy.

Project Details

  • Blogger to WordPress migration
  • Website design
  • Page Rank unaffected
  • Social Media icons
  • Logo design
  • Custom design
  • Fully Responsive



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