I like cookies, mainly ones that dunk well in coffee.

But a cookie annoyance I have is the cookie consent pop ups.  The thing is, they don’t mean anything anymore (I should again add a big IMO.)  All the happens is they get in the way, people click whatever will make them go away.  How many people click the ‘Oh no I don’t want you to use a cookie to remember me’ it is just CLICK and get it away.

But now it is needed,(the EU cookie policy has been in place since 26 May 2012 but well I and many others choose to ignore it) But now Google Ad sense has jumped in and if you use Google Ads on your site you must comply by 30th September 2015.

They suggest starting with the Google  help center FAQs and visit Cookie Choices for assistance for your site.

So when do you need a cokie consent policy – do you use cookies on your WordPress site?

If you have any of the following

  • Adsense adverts
  • a sign up box (for new blog posts or marketing campaign etc)
  • you use google analytics
  • some other stats plugin (e.g. jetpack)
  • you have a shop

There are various other reasons you will use cookies on your site too.

I have chosen to use the UK Cookie Consent plugin on this site and then I used the Cookie Policy Generator to write a policy for this site that includes how I use cookies.  But you need to decide what works for your site and the cookies you use.

I still think it is a pointless thing making all site comply with something that the users don’t are about, and taking away from the work that web designers do to make sites as user friendly as possible.


Back to dunking some cookies in my coffee.



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