Changing your Instagram into a Business Account

What are the benefits of doing this and how will it change your Instagram account? Having an Instagram Business account allows your viewers to contact you directly with a click. It ads a contact button on your profile and when clicked it shows an email /call / find...

My iOS free app picks for August 2016

AfterShip Package Tracker | Free You know when you are waiting for a parcel and have to keep going to the email with the tracking code and copy and pasting it into the website tracker?  Well this free app means you do that once and that is it. You register and then...

3 handy tools for blogs

What WordPress theme is that? Ever seen a WordPress blog and loved the theme, but there is no link at the bottom of a site to find out what it is?  Here is a site that will tell you simply by putting in the domain.   It will also tell you some of the plugins used on a...

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