Claiming your WordPress site with Google and adding a site map

To make sure that Google is aware of your site there are a few steps to do It is easier to print this page out and have it next to you as you go through the stages Log into your Wordpress site and add the Yoast SEO plugin & activate it (leave the tab open) In a...

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What to do when your WordPress site gets hacked

What I am going to write here is what I did when one of the sites I work with got hacked. What you learn very fast when dealing with hacked websites is that there is no easy 1 solution fits all way of sorting things. But there are many things that you can do yourself...

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Do your WordPress updates

There are a few basic things that you need to do in order to maintain your WordPress website and keep it running efficiently and safety.

Once of the most important things is

Do your updates

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Can you get me to the top of Google?

Clients often ask me when making them a business site, 'can you make the site show up at the top of Google?' So I thought I would write about how I answer this.  What you can and can't do, and even if you spend a lot of time and money, does it make a difference. My...

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Saving & printing iMessage conversation on a Mac

  I recently wanted to be able to save a whole iMessage conversation thread.  I have my iMessage on my iPhone and Mac, I did LOTS of googling and was only coming up with various software to download and then buy the full version to be able to get more than last...

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Images not uploading after a WordPress Update or New Year

On one of my sites hosted by a different company than I usually use the client informed me that images were not uploading as they should. Either through add media in a new post or via add media in the dashboard. Images seemed to upload but then were not there (in...

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Making a phone number clickable on a mobile device

When building a Wordpress website and adding a telephone number on iOS devices it often automatically adds a link so you can click it on your iPhone and call. But I realised recently that this does not work for android devices so easily. It is possible to add HTML...

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Adding your blog & images to Bloglovin’

Google Reader will stop working on 1st July 2013 so in the last few months a lot of people have been looking for an alternative. Lots have found a new home over at Bloglovin' If you own a blog you need to go claim it and make sure your feed is working so that posts...

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3 handy tools for blogs

What WordPress theme is that? Ever seen a WordPress blog and loved the theme, but there is no link at the bottom of a site to find out what it is?  Here is a site that will tell you simply by putting in the domain.   It will also tell you some of the plugins used on a...

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