About Me

Jo Amos

Jo Amos

The Geek Fairy

I have always enjoyed working with computers, both training people and writing manuals for programmes like Word and Outlook for people who have never sat in front of a pc before.

I started blogging and using WordPress.com 9 years ago and then once I had exhausted that I moved onto WordPress self hosted and taught myself how to make the site look and function how I needed it to.

I love building and changing sites as (in theory) you can either do something, or you can’t, and if you can it is just about learning how to do it.

I work with clients and write tutorials for them so that if they want to work on the site themselves they can, or I am happy to do that side after the site is complete too.

I am friendly and understand that the majority of my clients don’t like or want ‘geek speak’ they want things to be explained in clear easy to understand terms.

I am never far away from twitter or email for support or to deal with a geek crisis.

I am based in Essex, England but I work with clients all round the world.

And yes, I do actually wear geek glasses.

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